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FULL NAME: Albert Harrington
WEIGHT: 254 lbs
BIRTHDAY: February 17th, 1980
HIGH SCHOOL: St. Patrick High School, New Jersey

*** Starred & sang five solos in the musical "Annie Get Your Gun" while in high school

*** Paired up with Rosie O'Donnell to sing a duet, "Anything You Can Do", when he appeared on her TV talk show as a McDonald's All-American

*** Worked in the office of New Jersey Senator Richard Codey the summer before his senior year in high school

*** Was taken in by former Indiana Pacer Antonio Davis and his family during his rookie year with the Pacers. Al was given a room in the basement and was given one duty, to take out the garbage every week and when his duty was fufilled allowance was paid.

*** For his generosity and kindness, Al pays respect to his mentor Antonio Davis by writing #33 on the outside of his left shoe

*** Currently resides with his cousin in Antonio Davis's old house

*** Credits his mom as his role model

*** Lists Jay-Z as his favorite rapper

*** Can often be found with teammates Jonathon Bender and Jermaine O'Neal. The three have become known by the rest of the team as "The High School M*thaF**kers"

*** Has one sister and two younger brothers, one of whom is a stand out basketball player for a local Indianapolis high school.

*** Drives a Chevorlet Suburban

*** Is the cutest and most adorable player currently in the NBA.

*** Touched the heart of a cute girl from Wisconsin while playing the Timberwolves, after the game walked over her after she beckoned him and listened and smiled while she told him how much in love she was with him. Al touched her heart again in Milwaukkee as he smiled in response to her "I Love Al" sign. Isn't he soooo CUTE?

I wanna thank my buddies Bbfan and SillyJilly for there help in providing me with various information. Also I would like to send a big thanks to Al's mother who brought him into this world.