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"When Al Harrington was in kindergarten, perhaps learning to tie his shoes, current Indiana teammates Chris Mullin and Sam Perkins were already lacing up their sneakers in the NBA. By the time Harrington reached the second grade, fellow Pacers Mark Jackson , Derrick McKey and Reggie Miller were all donning NBA jerseys."...

"Al has a big heart. He shows that when he is on the court he plays hard. That's what you have to do in this league to win." Larry Bird

" Last year he was like the Pillsbury doughboy. Now he's kind of svelte. He understands more what it takes to play in the NBA." Mel Daniels

"God didn't shortchange either of them when it came to doling out natural ability to play this game." Larry Bird on Al Harrington and Jonathon Bender

"We met on a flight to Hawaii to attend the Pete Newell Big Man Camp. He's probably tired of me by now, because I haven't stopped picking his brain since then." Jonathon Bender

"Al's a pro now. Last year he was running around here acting like some high school kid. I told him that's a good way to assure yourself of a career in the CBA." Larry Bird

"I'm having the time of my life. Playing with the greatest athletes night in and night out is the best." Al on life in the NBA

"Reggie Miller. I take him every day, and as people know from watching him on TV, all he does is run off screens and shoot the ball -- he does the same thing in practice." Al on guarding Reggie during practice

"Just knowing that I belong here and that I'm blessed to be here. I just tell myself every day that I can hold my own and I definitely belong here." Al on keeping his confidence

"I've been blessed. I've had a lot of people on my side and that's made the transition a lot easier. I can't imagine what it would have been like if I had to do it all by myself." Al Harrington

"Once I go past a person, its just like sunshine. You just see the sun up there. And its all lit up." Al Harrington